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Osteria Ristorante La Sangiovesa

In the heart of Santarcangelo, at the foot of the steps leading to the Clock Tower in the old Palazzo Nadiani, we find the Restaurant-Osteria La Sangiovesa: a true place of Romagna culture and culinary traditions.

Our food comes from a careful selection of raw materials and a short distribution chain that brings to the table the entire natural cycle of the product.
From the Tenata Saiano estate in the green hills of Montebello, come most of the meats used in our dishes. Here, amidst the endless expanses of woods and meadows of Val Marecchia, the animals are fed by following a healthy and rigorous diet.

Our shop is the small chest of wonders. A journey through the excellence, scents and colours of the land.

We have an internal pastry and ice cream laboratory where we prepare sweet and delicious delights daily that well allude to the shapeliness of the Junoesque Sangiovesa as designed by Fellini.

Our cuisine is traditional Romagna cooking, born from a careful selection of local Romagna products, meticulous in its preparation and the love for both nature and the land.

Piazza Beato Simone Balacchi, 14, 47822 Santarcangelo di Romagna