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Sant'Agata Feltria

Church of San Francesco della Rosa

The Church of San Francesco della Rosa stands beside Rocca Fregoso in Sant’Agata Feltria and is connected to the fortress by a private, hidden passageway. It is claimed that it was built on a chapel that had welcomed St Francis of Assisi during his journey from Umbria to San Leo where he received Mount La Verna as a gift from the Lord of Chiusi who had been struck by his profound spirituality. From there he continued to Verucchio, where the cypress tree that grew from his stick planted into the ground is still alive and well, and then reached the city of Rimini, before heading to Bologna. The story concerning this journey may be merely a legend handed down over the centuries, but it is certainly plausible as the town of Sant’Agata was on one of the most popular communication routes of the time. In any case, devotion to the saint became so strong that the inhabitants extended the chapel to its present size and form. Without doubt, it is linked to the fairly ancient presence of Franciscan monks in the territory near Sant’Agata, more precisely in the village of Cella Fausti.
As the monastery had fallen into ruin, in 1781 the local community allocated Rocca Fregoso to the Franciscans and they remained there until 1820. It was thanks to them the church was built. It is a single nave church with a sombre stone façade that reused materials from the ancient abandoned monastery, including a holy water stoop carved in stone bearing the date 1532 on its base and initially housed in the Church of San Francesco ai Piani. The church has three altars and is adorned with Baroque stuccoes. Also interesting are the pews bearing the coats of arms of ancient local families and an organ dating from
the late 11th century. There are various interpretations regarding the name of the church, buts its exact origin remains a mystery.

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