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Poggio Torriana

Torriana Fortress (15th century)

Only the exterior can be visited. Dating from the Malatesta period, the fortress was extensively renovated in the late 20th century. The entrance gateway, two round towers, cistern, part of the walls and the keep are all original. Overlooking the fortress, in the old village of Scorticata, is the small church dedicated to St. Phillip and St. James that, thanks to its position on the highest part of the mountain, affords breathtaking views of the Marecchia valley. Precisely because it was built on this peak it controlled the surrounding area, signalling attacks to other lookout posts and to Verucchio opposite, creating a barricade across the valley.

Torriana Tower (13th century)

Recently renovated, it overlooks an extremely panoramic area.

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Municipality of Torriana
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