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Sant'Agata Feltria

Fregoso Fortress

Now a museum, the fortress was built around the year 1000 but underwent radical transformation in the 15th century under Federico da Montefeltro, who entrusted the work to Francesco di Giorgio Martini. His architectural intervention transformed the military bulwark into a noble residence for Federico’s daughter, Gentile Feltria, who was given in marriage to the nobleman Agostino Giovanni Fregoso. On their arrival in 1506 the fortress was extended with the addition of new buildings and works of art, such as beautiful coffered ceilings on the first floor, monumental Renaissance fireplaces and a hexagonal chapel with 16th-century frescoes.

Address: 47866 Sant'Agata Feltria RN

Tourist information
Sant’Agata Feltria Town Hall
Piazza Garibaldi, 35

Tel: 0541 929613
Fax: 0541 848591