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Poggio Torriana

Montebello Castle

Built in the early 11th century, this extraordinary construction dominates the village. Its elegance and severity bear witness to its initial defensive purpose and subsequent use as a noble residence, after reconstruction work in the mid-15th century.

The keep is part of the original building, whilst the internal rooms and beautiful courtyard date from the 16th century when its current owners, the counts Guidi di Bagno, took over from the Malatesta, enfeoffed by the Pope in 1463. A visit reveals not only the delightful treasures it houses, but also its surprising legend.

Rare pieces include fine furniture from various eras (14th – 18th century) and a collection of heavy strongboxes and chests, including one whose lid is an 11th-century Islamic tablet that, it is claimed, was brought back from the Crusades.

Address: Via Castello di Montebello, 7, 47825 Poggio Torriana RN

Municipality of Torriana
Via Roma, 19

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Fax: 0541 675671