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Municipal Archaeological Museum

In the mediaeval monastery of the Augustinian Fathers and adjacent 14th-century church of
Sant’Agostino, this is an internationally renowned museum due to the rarity, quality and quantity of artefacts on display. These come from local necropolises dating from the early Iron Age. The artefacts
found in the tombs date from between the 11th and 7th centuries BC and include elegant cinerary urns, precious gold and amber jewellery and other items and furniture that are unique in terms of style and preservation. These include weapons, helmets, buckles, ceramics and everyday items in wood, vegetable fibre, colourful wool and cotton clothes and food offerings.

Address: Via Sant'Agostino, 14, 47826 Verucchio RN

Informazione Accoglienza Turistica di Verucchio
Piazza Malatesta, 20

Tel: 0541 670222
Fax: 0541 673266