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Poggio Torriana


This fascinating solitary rocky spur rises from the water; on its summit stands an architectural complex in the heart of the Nature Oasis. The sanctuary stands on a rock and is where a miraculous Our Lady of the Rosary (16th century) is venerated by pregnant women in particular. Known as the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Saiano, it is surrounded by lush greenery and is mirrored in the lakes and water of the Marecchia river. Just a few ruins and a Byzantine-style cylindrical tower remain of the old fortifications.

Following the prolonged insistence of the poet Tonino Guerra, a few decades ago the church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Carmel underwent restoration work acquiring an artistic bronze door created by the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro, known as the “door that collects sunsets”.

Address: Saiano,, Poggio Torriana RN

Municipality of Torriana
Via Roma, 19

Tel: 0541 675220
Fax: 0541 675671