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Sulphur, Perticara’s mining history museum

Sulphur, Perticara’s mining history museum, is one of the first significant examples of industrial archeology in Italy.

Since 2002 the old Certino sulphur workings have been adapted into modern and fascinating museum spaces, while outside of the museum, the original Vittoria mineshaft still dominates the landscape of Perticara as an antique symbol connecting the town with the immense underground city.

The old power plant, the compressor room, the lamp workshop (the area where lamps and flammable items were stored) and the technical workshops have now left room for an evocative and exciting museum experience which focuses on the themes of mineralogy and geology, paying particular attention to centuries of Perticara’s mining activity.

Address: Via Montecchio 20 - loc. Perticara - Novafeltria